abisko fjäll under höst en grupp syns på rad som skugga
Torbjörn Selin tittar in i kameran i bakgrunden går en grupp fjällvandrare med en vacker dalgång från kungsleden i bakgrunden

Sweden, boreal forrest, coastline or the mountains

From days to weeks!

Summer or winter

Price is offered from event to event

For questions and bookings contact  info@allinnature.se

Bring your colleagues to Sweden. Experience educational teambuilding events, hikes and adventures for your team.

We design each event according to your needs, physical abilities and time.

A team of very experienced and skilled guides will take care of your group, from arrival to departure. 

This can be done, summertime as wintertime.


Some of Swedens most expereinced survival instructors will teach you all the skills you need to complete a few hardcore days in the wild. With a minimum of equipment you will experience a close to the nature experience and grow as humans.

Few experiences bring your team together quicker and mor effective than an survival inspired teambuilding.

Hikes / Outdoor living

In sweden we have a strong tradition of spending lots of time outdoors. We do hikes, we spend the night in tents och hammocks or under the sky, if the weather allow us to.

We have the “right of bublic access“, a unique possibility to wander in the woods and nature very freeley. This makes Sweden to an heaven for those who wants to go and enjoy the nature whereever they wants.

Our instructors has spend thousands of nights outdoors and are happy to teach you all the basics you need to perform a few nights in the wild.

First aid

All instructors has “Wilderness first aid” training. This is for your security. But we can also teach you to improve your first sid skills so that you may take care of your self and survive a variety of critical situations.