Skrapered Storsjögården, Viskafors – Sweden

3 days / 76 hrs

4295 SEK per person

15/7 10:00 am – 18/7 12:00 am


An intensive and challenging survival course packed with knowledge!
Some of Sweden’s most experienced survival instructors will lead you through this adventure.
You will learn about yourself, how you react to the unknown and physical and mental challenges under very safe and controlled conditions. Real knowledge for real situations.

After a brief class indoors we go directley to the woods and continue teaching on scene. We sleep outdoors in different bivouacs that you build yourself.
Some food to improve learning ability is part of the course, but a step by starvation is also included and costs nothing extra.

Far from everyday stress with nature as a classroom, together with us and other participants, you will experience three intensive, educational and fun days. A memory for life.

This course is more demanding than the Completa Coastal Survivor.

  • Preparing for your adventure
  • Clothes selection and how to adjust the clothing according to circumstances
  • Orientation with map and compass
  • Protection against the elements (weather and wind)
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Physiology
  • Psychic reactions
  • How to handle a knife safely
  • Distress signals


Topics that are briefly affected:

  • Fishing / hunting
  • Edible plants
  • Healthcare