första hjälpen i friluftslivet

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Part of day to several days

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Questions and booking contact us at:  info@allinnature.se

This course is designed for those who spend time professionally in nature. It can be companies with staff who work in the wilderness or who can end up in a situation far from healthcare and other society’s resources.


We arrange everything from shorter one-day courses to longer courses for several days. We custom design courses after your needs and requirements. 


• How to think and plan prior an assignment

• What to bring in your packing

• Healthcare

• What to pack in your health care equipment

• How to act if something unforeseen occurs

• How to survive in nature, mainly Swedish environment summer and winter. 

• (But we have a large network and can arrange courses elsewhere in the world)

Previous knowledge

Depends on the nature of the course. Together we adapt the course to your needs.